Happy Sun

Kaaral Happy Sun is perfect for hair that is exposed to the hot sun of Lanzarote. A great range of products that cars for your hair as much as you do, enveloping it in nutrients and soothing vitamins, leaving it radiant, sleek, conditioned and full of Happy Sun Shine. Streamlined and effective, it allows your hair to shine and flourish whilst still allowing you to enjoy the sun and sea. Based on a vital blend of vitamins A, E and C – Happy Sun keeps your hair protected, cleansed and fortified

Baco Colour

Sumptuous browns, hot reds, cool coppers… Baco Colour is an enriching colour treatment for your hair. With such a wide range of colours you can either enhance your original tones or go for something completely different. The Kaaral laboratories have devised this range which permeates the hair far deeper and thoroughly than traditional pigments, providing you with a high quality, professional, colour and shine unlike you’ve ever experienced. Colour is your statement to the world, and an extension of your personality. Baco Colour enables this to happen with style, panache and a true wow factor.

Pink Up

Pink Up styling products are exactly what your hair needs to keep you looking glamourous and in complete control of your style. Whether a day at the office, a night out with friends, or a romantic dinner – Pink Up keeps your style looking fresh, completely controlled, and nourished. Cool and trendy, Pink Up adds the perfect finishing touches too your style with nourishing, effective, enhancing creams and sprays.

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